Renault Trucks company had in 2013th presented complete series of thoroughly renewable vehicles and since than they are contiuosly working on their improvement. In the vehicle fleet of BMD LOG there are few modern Renault models from T series, equipped with modern technology, which are primarily intended for long and international travels.
In September last Year Renault from T series has been declared for the best European truck by experts from international jury. Since than one year didn’ t pass, and in Renault are already intensively working on their improvement. Precisely on quality improvement of chassis, cabin and powertrain which resulting in lower fuel consumption and higer supporting the utility.

Engine DTI 13 from now is equipped with injection system Common Rail which significantly reduces fuel consumption thanks to better combustion of the same. 13 liters engine offers higher strenght of 440, 480 KS, enabling transport of heavy cargo or work on mountains and hills.
This Year version has also new aerodynamic equipment and new technologies for reduction in fuel consumption such as aerodynamic bumper extension, new fixed deflector for reduced air resistance, two new torque of drive shaft of 2,31 and 2,47 and front bumpers equipped with mud flaps customized to the type of chassis and wheel size. Also there are available extra spoilers under bumper, new performance of roof spoiler without metal construction, chassis is much easier just like back air suspension, few components are reconstructed in order to increase supporting the utility.
This year T series are enriched with predictive cruise control Optivision with which trucks by themselves can collect informations about terrain configuration and they have ability share them with each other using the central server with the aim of saving fuel, adaptation strategies situations of speed regulation and powertrain under certain conditions. In other words, Optivision combines the memorized topography of the road and road direction thanks to sensor for the application of the most effective strategies of changing speeds and increased fuel efficiency.

Renault s models from T series which are part of BMD LOG s vehicle fleet are contributing to the bussines of the company and enabling better delivery options which is our main goal. [BMD LOG]