During the growth and continuous development of BMD STIL company, it was decided to build new capacity to perform activities in Bedenica, where is located her center. Currently we have two major projects, and one of them is the construction of operating plateau for logistics and transport. The projects aims are to provide to employees of sister company BMD LOG a completely automated system with parking spaces for trucks, hall with annex where will be located mechanic pit, automatic car wash for trucks, rooms for drivers rest, for tools, tires and automated self-service fuel pump with a fuel tank capacity of 50.000 literes.

This project started in 2013. and so far have been conducted two phases. The first phase included making of the connector on the county road Konjščina – Komin and this phase is completed in December 2013. The second phase was related to the production of pavement structure or the stone dike of plateau, construction of retaining wall along the eastern boundary of the parcel and the construction of sewerage collectors A and B.During the works, there were noted certain shortcomings in the main project for which it has been its necessary changes and the second phase was completed in December 2015. The third phase, which involves the construction of hall, drainage of road surfaces, construction of electrical and mehanical infrastructure, asphalting and commissioning of the entire plateau began early this year, and work is currently being carried out in a full swing.

About the current situation at the construction site, we spoke with the main, supervising engineer Luka Božić: „The dynamics of work is satisfying and in accordance with the schedule performing of work. This week we made the installation of reinforced concrete structure hall and approached to brickwork of walls. There are also works on drainage of roads, collector pit and reinforced concrete pavement panel for internal fuel pump. The anticipated completion of the work is on 15 November this year, and by the end of that month it is planned to obtaining a use permit.“ [BMD LOG, Photo: BMD LOG]